January 10, 2017 Special Elections

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2017 URGENT Special Election Blast Following the November election, there are two open seats in Virginia’s Senate, Districts 9 and 22, and one in the House of Delegates, District 85. The Governor called for special elections on Tuesday, January 10 to fill these seats. Turnout is the key to winning these races since most voters won’t be aware of this special … Read More

Happy Labor Day


“I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem. To me, it’s part of the solution. You cannot have a strong middle class without a strong labor movement.” — President Barack Obama, Jan. 30, 2009 “I am glad to know that there is a system of labor where the laborer can strike if he wants to! I … Read More

RR15 Outreach Archive


Rural Retreat 2015 email archive. If you missed one, you didn't miss out - here are the highlights. Archive List

RVD Window Decals Are In


Get your 'rural' on! New Rural Caucus window decals are in. Every attendee to the Rural Retreat gets one for FREE. FYI, the Rural Caucus actively supports unions, and our new decal has the union label (aka union 'bug') on it. var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var htmlDivCss=""; if(htmlDiv) { htmlDiv.innerHTML = htmlDiv.innerHTML + htmlDivCss; }else{ var htmlDiv = document.createElement("div"); htmlDiv.innerHTML ... Read More

RR15 Sweepstakes


  Enter the RR15 Sweepstakes today to win a GREAT getaway package atop the magnificent Blue Ridge Plateau in Floyd, one of our beautiful rural counties in southwestern Virginia. “Floyd is a haven of natural beauty renowned for hospitality and a vibrant culture of music, arts, local foods and wines, and outdoor recreation.” Map and Directions, click here. ENTER BY registering for RR15 … Read More

RR15 is Coming


We are very excited to tell that we’re planning now for RR15, our 2nd Annual Rural Retreat. Last year’s retreat was fun, and we had a great turnout. Retreats are supposed to be energizing and informative – that’s why we’re working hard now on our 2015 retreat for this fall, and we want your comments and suggestions. Please help make … Read More

90 for 90


In honor of Dr. William F. “Fergie” Reid’s (the first African American elected to the Virginia General Assembly since Reconstruction) 90th birthday and his long history of expanding voters’ rights, we commit to registering new voters for this years election. If all volunteers and candidates worked together to register 90 new voters in each of the Commonwealth’s precincts, our efforts … Read More

What is Rural


From the Department of Agriculture: Researchers and policy officials employ many definitions to distinguish rural from urban areas, which often leads to unnecessary confusion and unwanted mismatches in program eligibility. However, the existence of multiple rural definitions reflects the reality that rural and urban are multidimensional concepts. Sometimes population density is the defining concern, in other cases it is geographic … Read More

Support the Rural Caucus with a Vacation


RuralVADems Chair, Vee Frye, has arranged for a portion of each booking to be contributed to support the Rural Caucus for a special trip, ‘Virginia Democrats – Tour of Israel‘. You can share a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day adventure to Israel with fellow Virginia Democrats, departing from Washington, D.C. on November 9th. Visit Galilee, Jerusalem, Masada, and Tel Aviv.  Meet local political leaders, … Read More

Rural Caucus – We’re Official!


At the regular quarterly meeting of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) on March 7th in Glen Allen, the members of the Central Committee voted unanimously to officially recognize the Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia per Party Plan 4.19 The leadership of the caucus (also on our website) elected by the members is: Chair, Aviva ‘Vee’ Shapiro-Frye chair@ruralvadems.org … Read More